Saturday, August 31, 2013

Magnetistick Interactive Wall Decals

Wall decals have been taken to a whole new level with these fun, interactive magnetic wall sticker sets from French company Janod.  Innovative in design, the removable decals are placed on a wall and comes complete with large, re-usable magnets that can be moved around the decal so that kids can create their  very own story.  LARGER than they look online, the decals span over 1 meter  and the magnets are approximately hand-sized. With eye-catching colours and cartoon like illustrations, what little girl  or boy would not want one in their bedroom?  

Magnetistick Decals are available form Send A Toy in two themes (Racing and Princess) and retail for $69.95 each

Magnetistick Princess - Magnetic Wall Decal

Magnetistick Racing - Magnetic Wall Decal