Thursday, March 12, 2015

Wooden Toys in the Bath?? YES YOU CAN!

Who said wooden toys can't go in the bath?!

New from Plan Toys is this fabulous range of eco-aware wooden toys that are suitable for use in the bath (as well as floor play out of the tub).  These unique water play toys are produced from Plan Toys environmentally responsible Planwood product. Planwood is made from 99% surplus sawdust, organic colour pigments and less than 1% of e-zero glue, which is formaldehyde free and non-toxic. This plastic free, 99% wood mixture is then packed into high pressure molders. The end result is a unique high density fiber known as Planwood.

Aside from its obvious green benefits, Planwood is also extremely durable, water resistant and can even be cleaned in the top shelf of your dishwasher! And because the colour pigments are added during the manufacturing process, the finished organic colours are resistant to peeling and scratches and are safe for little ones to mouth and chew. 

You can view our fabulous new range of wooden bath toys  HERE

Wooden Sea Creature Bath Toys
Wooden Submarine Bath Toy
Wooden Coast Guard Boat Bath Toy